About Us

The NXP Writers Syndicate is a fraternal and business society of professional writers, reporters, and journalists who share industry information and access to publishing outlets and editors domestically and internationally. As a cooperative based upon shared values and objectives, the Syndicate lobbies for equitable compensation and reasonable working conditions for all of its members, and it sponsors and supports new entrants to our profession as well as those who are established. We are an unincorporated association and are not registered as a tax exempt or not-for-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Having said this, it is important to note that members contribute regularly as may be required to underwrite the costs of projects proposed and managed by other members.

Brought into being as a social club comprised of enthusiastic friends and industry colleagues centered principally in the northeastern US in 2006, we now boast a membership in the thousands, and we are expanding our reach and our ranks to include members of the international writing community to complement our US and Canadian membership.


Membership is by invitation only, and members routinely sponsor newcomers to improve our economies, to expand upon our core of experience and expertise, and to increase our lobbying strength.

Our members have had their excellent work published both domestically and internationally in such well-read publications (to name only a few) as Salon, The Washington Post, Barron’s, The Financial Times, Longevity, Men’s Health, Self, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, Medline, WebMD, and a host of technical journals and local newspapers and magazines. Our members have had their reporting featured in multiple national news outlets, including: Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg News,… and Yahoo! News.

A number of our members have been recipients of prestigious awards for their writing and reporting.


If one of NXP’s reporters should contact you directly or through your offices for an interview, we hope that you will afford our colleague the courtesy of some of your time, some media-worthy soundbites, and some interesting background about your organization, your products or services, and yourself.

Most interviews are conducted telephonically (except for those that are to be televised on the various news networks), and they invariably consume less than one hour’s time. Interviews are always scheduled at your convenience. When asked by a reporter for comment about an incident, news item, or article, it is generally to your benefit to control the narrative and to get in front of the story by allowing yourself to be interviewed.

After an interview, an NXP reporter will always advise you of where the information from the interview, or the interview itself, is going to be published or aired. In the case of publication, you will have an opportunity to review an uncirculated draft of the proposed article or editorial piece prior to its submission to the outlet to be certain that all the facts which concern you, your organization and your products or services, as stated, are correct. Factual accuracy is an important part of journalistic integrity.