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Writers Syndicate

Our most senior members (some of whom have retired from active writing life, but who nonetheless retain a strong interest in the profession and in writer career development) directly participate in assigning interesting proposed articles and writing projects to members, as these are offered to NXP by editors of various publications. And in those cases where writers have originated their own ideas for articles and writing projects, senior members assist them in finding homes and sponsorship with appropriate media outlets and publicity firms. 

For Publicity Firms, Public Relations Firms, and Publications

The NXP Writers Syndicate makes its writers, their expertise, experience, and exceptional capabilities available to publicity firms, public relations firms, and publications (both in print and digitally formatted) interested in superior written content to meet their client or readership demand. Our members are available for single-assignment freelance work as well as for extended project engagements requiring committed resources. Let NXP’s senior writers help to match your project with the most suitable reporter, journalist, or project team to conduct informative fact-filled interviews and to create award-winning articles. Contact us today to learn how we may be of service to your organization.