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As an unincorporated association, without a requirement of substantial dues or regular contributions from our membership, our resources are largely intangible, and consist of an impressive number of relationships with editors, sponsors, and publicity and public relations firms. NXP’s revolutionary article submission technology and system, our principal proprietary asset and resource, is available to members as they may require at a very modest cost. Members can also obtain referrals to legal counsel and accountants simply by asking, and at no obligation. While the Syndicate does not directly provide investment capital for member projects, individual members may choose to participate financially in specific projects proposed by members.

Proprietary System

The NXP Writers Syndicate has developed a robust proprietary technology and identification system to facilitate efficient article submission to editorial staff at digital and print media outlets throughout North America. The technology has its basis in artificial intelligence as well as inspired human intelligence, and is unlike anything else in the industry. Members can avail themselves of this unique capability in pursuit of opportunities to have their work published. The technology and system represent the culmination of more than three years of dedicated work and considerable investment on the part of NXP.

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Our Writers Syndicate

NXP is the only writers syndicate of its type and membership size, and our ranks are growing every year. We are managed at the executive level by senior writers, which ensures that we maintain operational integrity and serve the best interests of our constituents. Our membership encompasses journalists of virtually every skill level and area of technical expertise. There are few, if any, topics which our writers cannot address in their excellent reporting and writing.

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A Powerful Platform For Reporters

NXP provides advocacy and champions the needs of news reporters and journalists though its cooperative efforts and affiliations with a large and growing number of not-for-profit writers’ groups and professional associations, as well as through its internal referral of attorneys, accountants, and other professionals. We understand that we are much more powerful, and speak with a clearer voice, when we act in unison.

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